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ChannelMAX: Product Review

ChannelMAX: Product Review

ChannelMAX is a developer that offers pricing management and multi-channel inventory management solutions for companies that deal with ecommerce marketplaces. They also offer software for Amazon repricing meant to maximize profit and increase sales for sellers on that platform.

The company was founded in 2005 by husband-wife duo, Paul and Pranita Das, introducing rule based Amazon pricing management to ecommerce marketing that earned them distinction in 2007. They did not introduce the algorithm repricing tool they are known for until 2016.

ChannelMAX is a US-based company headquartered in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, USA. They are run by a very small team of employees and led by founder Paul Das. ChannelMAX has no investors and instead is self-funded, but is partnered with the companies eBusinessGuru and eCatalog Services.


  • Target Buy Box Amazon Repricing Tool
    • Offers automatic repricing management for multiple channels, such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Walmart
    • Works with Amazon in multiple countries including: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, and India
    • Automatically imports SKUs from all marketplaces every few hours
    • Analyses how SKUs, or Stock Keeping Units, (FBA and non-FBA) react when competing against other SKUs and Amazon itself
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Management
    • Sales and adjustments are tracked every 15-30 minutes, updating and synchronizing inventory across all the selling platforms
    • Possible to integrate up to five suppliers
  • Auto Conversion to Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)
    • Can automatically download orders from non-Amazon sites and convert as Amazon FBA orders
    • When items are sold as Amazon FBA, the tracking number is automatically fed back to the non-Amazon channels
  • Amazon Search Tool
    • The ChannelMAX UPCSearch tool can look up UPCs (Universal Product Code), ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number), EANs (European Article Number), and keywords one by one or in bulk
    • Can upload as many as 25K within one file, which ChannelMAX processes and emails the results back


  • The Amazon Search Tool is free for clients that are already subscribed to any other of their additional services that cost $24.99 a month (Inventory Sync, Repricing Tool, etc)
  • Software is customizable to fit each company’s needs
  • Offers many features available with each service
  • Bases decisions on sales velocity and algorithms
  • Provides a detailed explanation step-by-step for how their repricing process works, unlike most Amazon repricing tools


  • Interface appears older and icons are not intuitive
  • Customer service is slow with no live help, so issues can take a long time to get fixed
  • Cannot print labels for non-FBA orders from Amazon
  • Most plans have a set frequency for how often SKUs are repriced, and it costs extra for the Real Time repricing feature
  • To use the software for selling through more than one channel, it costs an extra premium
  • Inventory sync is charged as a separate service and can only update up to 2500 SKUs
  • When UI is updated, the manuals are not updated with it, making learning the software and getting it to work properly difficult and confusing


ChannelMAX offers a no-contract free 30 day trial with unlimited access to all their features.

Their plans are priced based on the number of SKUs, repricing frequency, and whether items are listed under only one channel or multiple. These plans all include algorithmic repricing, the ability to configure rules by SKU, BuyBox historical data, pricing historical data, and ASIN sales rank historical data.

Prices can range from $34.99 per month (500 SKUs on one channel) to $499.99 per month (500,000 SKUs on multiple channels).

Services like the conversion of listings between Amazon FBA and other non-Amazon marketplaces, multi-channel inventory sync (2500 SKUs), and the Amazon Search Tool cost an additional $24.99 per month to use.


ChannelMAX offers one of the cheapest yet high functioning softwares for Amazon repricing, which can be great for small companies and sellers that only look for repricing tools. Any of their other services come with extra fees, which can or cannot be manageable depending on the size of the company.

It is a very powerful platform, but not without its issues. Customer support is almost non-existent since they rarely answer phone calls and take a long time to answer emails. This would not be much of an issue if their manuals were updated to match their updated UI.

They claim to be the only repricing tool that bases decisions on advanced algorithms, but the fact is that they are not, and there are other companies that also use similar advanced algorithms for continuous repricing.

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