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Browntape: Product Review

Browntape: Product Review

Browntape: Product Review

Browntape is a software development company that provides a cloud-based software for online merchants to manage orders and inventory from one place. They focus on tracking items as they are sold and updating the centralized inventory with every order, allowing businesses to manage multiple ecommerce channels.

Browntape was founded in 2012 when Scrobbld creators Ian Morgan and Piyush Goel joined forces with Gurpreet Singh to create a better version of their previous software. The company is based in India, with headquarters in Porvorim, Goa, and a branch office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is led by co-founder Gurpreet Singh with over 100 employees and backed by India’s leading venture capital Seedfund, Indian multinational courier Gati, and Krishnan Ganesh.

Browntape has an estimated annual revenue of about $31 million.


  • Order Management
    • See all the details of an order, including when the order was placed, customer details, items purchased, and courier details,
    • Search an order by filtering through any detail
    • Download order data into Excel easily for analysis
  • Shipping
    • Create shipping batches with new orders and manage all shipping tasks from there
    • Pick Lists for warehouse staff to find the relevant SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and Pack Lists to reduce mistakes when packing the orders
    • Fetch shipping labels from specific sales channels and print from Browntape
    • Generate proper tax invoices
    • Create manifests for each courier company
    • Auto assign AWB (air waybill) numbers to orders for tracking when using a business’s own courier providers
    • Schedule marketplace courier pickups
  • Centralized Inventory
    • Upload product listings through an Excel sheet or from Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, or other channels
    • Specify SKU aliases for items with different SKU codes on different channels
    • Fetch a list of all the live listings every 24hrs
    • Maintain a record of stock changes
    • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Sales Analytics Dashboard
    • Identify patterns in your sales trend
    • See how many sales come from each marketplace and how that changes
    • Analyze and visualize sales data easily
  • Payments from Marketplaces
    • Track seller payments at each order level and see what charges were levied by the marketplace
    • Track losses after returns or refunds


  • Centralized inventory for easy management
  • Great customer support
  • Software is easy to use
  • Loads and syncs quickly


  • Difficult to manage and remove orders for Amazon FBA
  • Only supports markets in Canada, India, the UK, and the US
  • Does not work on Android or iOS devices


Browntape has a demo available for those that request one. It is charged per month and does not have a fixed contract.

Charges start from about $7 a month, with a cost of about $0.04 per order for managing it and syncing stock. Cost increases based on what the business needs regarding channels, account users (up to 10 users), and the amount of orders processed per month.


Browntape is a very simple and easy software to use for inventory and order management on multiple ecommerce platforms. That being said, it is mostly for inventory management, as most of the rest of the features are rather simple or require the user to export the data and analyze it themself.

Unless the user’s company is based in India and only does business with a limited amount of other marketplaces, it might not be much help. And if some of the products are Amazon FBA, trying to manage such orders can also cause more difficulties.


The clients listed on Browntape’s website include: Lego, Future Group, Arvind, Raymond, Timex, Prestige, Croma, Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, Arrow, Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy, ELLE, GANT, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Áeropostale, and many more.

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