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Veeqo: Product Review

Veeqo: Product Review

Veeqo: Product Review

Veeqo is a company that runs a cloud-based multi-channel inventory management system for small to large businesses. It allows businesses to more easily managed their inventory, orders, and shipping.

Veeqo was founded in 2013 by Matt Warren, who is still the company’s CEO, and is a UK-based company with headquarters in Swansea, Wales. It has around 50 employees and an estimated annual revenue of about $2.4 million.


  • Multichannel Inventory
    • Sync inventory across multiple stores, marketplaces and warehouses
    • Connect sales channels to a specific warehouse with alternative warehouses that Veeqo can automatically switch to when stock is running low
    • Automatically forecast what stock you should purchase based on your previous sales history, and quickly re-order new inventory from your suppliers
  • Order Management
    • View all orders from any connected channels and marketplaces in one place
    • Easy to manage invoices, print shipping labels, and process payments
    • Manage and automatically update wholesale orders
    • Manage all returns and refunds in one place
  • Pick and Pack
    • Batch pick orders with the Veeqo scanner and locate items with a digital picking list
    • Manage the entire picking and packing process
  • Shipping
    • Over 21 world-leading shipping carriers integrated
    • Generate a shipping label for an order from any sales channel
    • Bulk print over 100 shipping labels


  • Bulk printing shipping labels
  • App is simple and intuitive
  • Great customer support
  • Real-time inventory sync
  • Easy to filter orders on dashboard


  • Error handling is practically non existent
  • When making changes to a form, software does not notify the user if the changes were successful, requiring them to re-open the form after it closes out to check that the changes were updated correctly
  • Reports are sloppy and glitchy, where sometimes text would be overlapping or cutoff
  • Software uses DD/MM/YYYY format, and is not localized for countries like the US that use MM/DD/YYYY format, therefore causing confusion
  • Limited support for carriers outside of the UK and US


Veeqo has a demo available for their program, as well as three pricing plans which can be billed monthly or annually.

For managing a total of 500 orders (their lowest set amount) using their software, the pricing plans are:

  1. 165€ per month for the Accelerator plan
    • It allows for 2 account users, 3 sales channels, 17+ shipping integrations, 20+ marketplaces available, and Order Rules
  2. 215€ per month for the High Growth plan
    • It allows for 4 account users, 5 sales channels, everything that comes with the Accelerator plan, as well as purchasing and inventory forecasting, user permissions, and returns management
  3. 275€ per month for the Premium plan
    • It allows for 5 account users, 6 sales channels, everything that comes with the High Growth plan, as well as digital picking and stock transfer

Their pricing increases based on the amount of orders managed per month, and to include Amazon FBA on any plan is an additional 9€ cost per month.


Veeqo is a simple platform for managing orders and inventory on multiple channels. It has a friendly user interface with very helpful features and a very loyal customer base that stays with them even though their updates and debugging phases. The software allows room for businesses to grow, but it might not be very useful for very small or startup businesses because of their pricing system.

It is very obviously based in the UK, which can be frustrating when having to constantly change everything to currencies other than the default pounds, or printing invoices in other currencies. It is also very hard to make any changes to forms and orders.

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