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Tradebox: Product Review

Tradebox: Product Review

Tradebox: Product Review

Tradebox is a software development company from the UK that designs solutions to help businesses with ecommerce management. Tradebox One, their latest solution, provides UK retailers with control over their orders and stock across multiple channels.

Tradebox was established April 2003 as a bespoke software developer. Their headquarters are located in North Shields Fish Quay, Tyne and Wear. The company is only made up of a handful of people, including the owner, Stephen Bales, and the managing director, Ravi Prakash.

Tradebox has an estimated annual revenue of just below $300k.


  • Accounting
    • Integration with Sage 50
    • Create individual or batch invoices
    • Create individual customer accounts or use a single generic customer account
    • Automatically account for VAT on all sales
    • Automatically update stock levels in accounts package
    • Automatically upload accounts stock levels to channels
    • Raise payments automatically, specify banks per payment method
    • Import eBay and Amazon fees to accounts software
    • Create credit notes in accounts software for refunds
    • Set up alerts for cross-border VAT thresholds
    • Configure Tradebox to handle cross-border VAT for specified EU countries
  • Sales & VAT
    • Tradebox calculates VAT on every order based upon what is sold and where the order is shipped
  • Multichannel
    • API integrations that provide two way data flow to manage orders and stock
    • Currently supports API integrations for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, EKM, and Bigcommerce
  • Orders
    • Constantly download new orders and update existing orders
    • Download criteria based on order status
    • Picking Lists
    • Packing Lists
    • Invoices
    • Process Refunds
    • Dispatch Orders on channel
  • Product
    • Carry all products from all channels in one screen
    • Understand quantities in stock, sales prices, differing channels SKU’s, GTIN’s, brands, images, locations, dimensions, weighs and product activity
  • Reports & Analysis
    • Dashboard report
    • Sales by channel report
    • Last 3 years sales compare report
    • Product sales report
    • Sales by countries report
    • Sales per channel per day report
    • EU VAT thresholds report
    • eBay fees report
    • Amazon fees report


  • Good customer support
  • Downloading fees is easier
  • Automatically calculates VAT


  • Addresses often formatted incorrectly
  • Price is constantly increasing
  • Customer help desk is only available during short business hours
  • Currently accounting only integrates with Sage 50
  • Developed to work in the UK, not necessarily with businesses outside of it
  • Only tested and designed to work on Microsoft PCs and operating systems


Tradebox has four licence plans, which are based on the number of channels in the software to create links to marketplaces and websites. All plans are based upon recurring payments which can be made quarterly or through an annual commitment, the latter which provides a 25% discount. They have a 14 day free trial available before subscription.

  1. Starter
    • 1 channel
    • Quarterly price: £200
    • Annual price: £600
  2. Standard
    • 5 channels
    • Quarterly price: £250
    • Annual price: £750
  3. Pro
    • 10 channels
    • Quarterly price: £350
    • Annual price: £1050
  4. Unlimited
    • 10+ channels
    • Quarterly price: £500
    • Annual price: £1500


Tradebox is known for what many multichannel solutions are known for: making it simpler and easier to manage orders, inventory, and accounting for businesses that make their sales through ecommerce marketplaces. It is a very simple software to use, with very limited features that make certain processes easier for running an online business.

That is, if the business is located in the UK and does not use iOS software on their computers, else the program would not be the best fit.

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