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SyncSpider: Product Review

SyncSpider: Product Review

SyncSpider: Product Review

SyncSpider is a company based out of Austria which offers specific software tailored to help individual businesses with improving data synchronization, imports, and exports. Manually entering data, even when well managed, is overly tedious. Trying to update all different webpages, marketplaces, CRM and ERP systems, etc. at the same time is extremely difficult and near impossible to keep up to date all the time. Using this software simplifies daily tasks which saves resources, time, and money.


  1. Continuous Updates – their software is on 24/7 so all data is always correct and current
  2. Market Adaptation and Flexibility – SyncSpider’s interface allows clients to change marketplaces at a moment’s notice with instant data importation.
    • This allows users to not need to have an exact plan of forecasted market trends, and provides them with the freedom to react to current market standings.
  3. SyncSpider Save Resources, Time, and Money
  4. Optimizes Sales Channels – provides SME software which controls data maintenance for their clients.


  • Their software is very userfriendly
  • SyncSpider has a 256-bit security measure
  • The cost and program software grows with each clients individual business
  • The company will admit to not being perfect and making mistakes
  • SyncSpider has a Saas subscription


  • SyncSpider’s information on their website claims that users will “become a software architect”
    • For those users who are not tech savy this is extremely distressing
  • There are two different payments for full access to all the software for the platform
  • The company provides no client list or references
  • They have taken down all online reviews of their company so there is no online footprint of the company
  • Misleading prices
    • They claim to provide custom prices to their clients, however they only supply three different pricing options based on the amount of channels, and two based on how much data clients want to be analyzed.
  • SyncSpider gives their users and/or potential clients any confidence or peace of mind in their abilities.
  • The company limits the amount of marketplaces one user can enter to 10


The company claims that all of their pricing is custom to match the number of connected systems and services each individual user has. The general idea is that as each clients’ business grows and improves, so does the profit margin of SyncSpider. This however is not true. There are only three different options of prices in regards to the amount of channels or accessed marketplaces. The monthly payment prices are as follows.

  1. Black Widow: 2 integrations – €29 per month
  2. Tarantula: 4 integrations – €59 per month
  3. Huntsman: 10 integrations – €99 per month

This is for the connections to the marketplaces and channels that SyncSpider provides, but it does not include any data management software. There are two different options of purchase. Users can purchase the management of one data set for €290 or the management of three data sets for €590. These are one time payments and open the businesses up to automatic setup and data synchronization.


SyncSpider has no online reviews or reputation. The company has completely removed itself from any and all data that has been placed online about their company that they did not put up themselves.

A company without any reviews whatsoever is very unsettling to clients and onlookers because there is no assurance that the company’s software meshed well with client needs.

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