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Linnworks: Product Review

Linnworks: Product Review

Linnworks: Product Review

Linnworks is a UK-based company that develops a cloud-based platform that offers inventory management, CRM, accounting, and reporting solutions for retailers and wholesalers.

Linnworks was founded in 2005 and has its headquarters in Chichester, England. It also has an office in Austin, Texas, USA, and one in Tallinn, Estonia. It has around 100 employees and an estimated annual revenue of about $5 million.


  • Multi-channel
    • Sync, edit, update and fulfil all orders across dozens of online marketplaces
  • Inventory Management
    • Full inventory control with the ability to synchronize all selling channels and enable automatic inventory updates on each
    • Manage inventory with expiration dates
    • Maintain accurate stock levels and track low inventory levels
  • Simplified Listings
    • Bulk list hundreds of items
    • Change descriptions, adjust pricing, and update shipping carriers across multiple platforms
  • Simplified Order Management
    • Anything from order creation to label printing can be automated
    • Complete oversight of every order
    • System communicates directly with selling channels and courier integrations
  • Stock Control
    • Keep constant track of stock availability, value, and movements
    • Inventory levels automatically update every time there is a sale
    • Maintain complete history of all stock movements within the warehouses
  • Shipping
    • Ensure fast order fulfillment
    • Secure the cheapest rates by comparing available shipping services
    • Integrate all shipping couriers
    • Automated shipping manifests
    • Shipping tracking
  • Reporting
    • Analyze historical sales data to anticipate stock demand
    • Identify the best performing channels and products
    • Quickly and easily access vital business information
    • Effective stock reporting to make more informed decisions
  • Customization
    • Automate everyday tasks to save time
    • Adapt the system to meet the needs of the business


  • Good customer service for the most part
  • User friendly software


  • Desktop version is clunky and appears outdated
  • Tickets may be left open for months at a time
  • Pricing is too much for small businesses
  • When the system is updated users experience more bugs or broken functions for a while


Linnworks offers four pricing tiers, all allowing unlimited account users and unlimited channels to integrate:

  1. Linnworks Standard, 175€ per month
    • 1,000 inclusive orders per month and a fee of 17¢ per additional order
    • Multichannel order management
    • 150+ marketplace and courrier integrations
    • Centralized stock control
  2. Linnworks Advanced, 525€ per month
    • 3,500 inclusive orders per month and a fee of 15¢ per additional order
    • Advanced user permissions
    • Custom reporting
    • “Just in Time” ordering
    • As well as everything included in Standard
  3. Linnworks Business, from 1,675€ per month (billed annually)
    • Enhanced server performance with optimized storage
    • Supply chain management, BI and ERP integration support
    • Access to a professional services team
    • Access to the customization department
  4. Linnworks Enterprise, quote
    • Data warehousing, custom BI and warehouse management systems
    • Enhanced server performance and dedicated server infrastructures
    • Dedicated customer success manager
    • Rich data insight on sales performance
    • Enhanced security and compliance
    • Enterprise-level onboarding and delivery


Linnworks is known for being a system with fast processing and great for multichannel managing. There are always some bugs in the system, for which the number tends to increase after system updates, and only sometimes will whole functionalities fail.

For being a company know for their great customer support and client relations, Linnworks has also be known to drop huge changes on their customers with only a couple month’s notice, such as two drastic price increases within 3 years (the latter which they backtracked after getting bombarded with negative reviews and complaints) as well as the switching of platforms from their desktop one to a web one.

The platform switching would not be much of a deal if it had not been so confusing and difficult for some users to switch, and they turned off functionalities from the desktop version one by one to hurry up the move into this new platform that functioned differently and some users had to relearm how to use.

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