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Selro: Product Review

Selro: Product Review

Selro: Product Review

Selro is a company that provides a multichannel and inventory management system for ecommerce retailers. They also provide order and shipping management solutions to aid retailers in growing and optimizing their online business.

Selro is a UK based company founded in 2008 with headquarters in Reading, Berkshire, England. It is run by founder and CEO Kem Perera.


  • Listing Management
    • Automatically map attributes and variation details for the target channel and list
    • Link listings from all sales channels and stock level will update on all channels when a sale is made
    • Bulk update listing details manually or via a CSV file
    • Create bundle and variation listings
  • Inventory and Stock Control
    • Stock levels across all stores are automatically updated after an order is placed to avoid overselling
    • Group complimentary items to create offers and increase sales
    • List items directly to ecommerce platforms from a centralized inventory management system
    • Set channels at specific prices, titles, and product descriptions
    • Analyze sales data and identify the top performing channels, products, and markets with the platform’s reporting capability
  • Order Management
    • Manage orders on multiple channels
    • Bulk order processing up to 500 orders at a time within minutes
    • Create invoices and shipping labels in bulk
    • Create shipping labels based on shipping rules across multiple carriers to save postage
    • View order reports and sales summaries to identify the areas to grow the business
    • Integration with accounting packages


  • User Interface is easy to use
  • Can allow orders from other channels to be fulfilled by Amazon
  • Inventory syncs on multiple marketplaces


  • Prices in different currencies are only calculated once when the product is added to the listing
  • Lacking instruction and help documentation
  • Issues with translating into languages other than English and special characters not registering
  • Items shown to be listed even when they have failed to list
  • There are times the automatic sync does not go through and has to be done manually
  • eBay account names are not shown, causing confusion among sellers who have multiple to manage
  • Support tickets can take almost a month to be fulfilled, if they do not close tem without taking any further action first


Selro offers two payment plans to choose from as well as a 14 day trial, both which include unlimited channels, unlimited SKUs, shipping, accounting, customer messages, Amazon seller Prime, dropshipping, and email marketing.

  1. Growth plan, £69/$99 per month
    • 5,000 orders per month
    • Two account users
  2. Unlimited plan, £149/$199 per month
    • Unlimited orders
    • Up to 10 account users


Selro has a lot of promise for a multichannel management platform, but it is not necessarily one of the best out there. Some previous customers have even noted that the system should not even be live since all the errors and bugs make it appear as if the system was still in its beta-testing phase.

It appears simple and intuitive but with how often the integrated channels seem to fail at syncing and the lack of documentation to guide through the simplests of tasks, the program is often more frustrateing than helpful.

Due to the lack of documentation, past customers have said to have had to rely on support for technical help, which did not get most of them very far with the long gaps between replies and support tickets being left open and ignored. Selro is, in functionality, like a program still being developed, that just seems to have rushed too quickly through its beta testing. 

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